Welcome to my blog.

I have written for publications such as the Daily Telegraph Business Club, CRM Today, etc, but find that many of the article need some additional explanation or notification. As a result, I have developed two websites to fill this gap - The Professional Marketer and this site.

I set up Jack Marketing Solutions - an e-marketing consultancy - in 1999, to support and serve the business community in their understanding and use of the new media and technology opportunities. Having been involved in e-marketing and web strategy almost since the start of the 'revolution' in 1992, I have a unique insight into the industry.

I teach web design (for marketers and for the terrified), CRM, eCommerce, and e-marketing across the South East of England, and have also been a lecturer in Marketing at the University of London, a London Business School, and more recently as Professor of Marketing for the University of Grenoble in France.

If you agree, or disagree with any of the issues raise in this blog, please feel free to contact me - this is still an evolving field, so I do not claim to have absolute answers, but use the expertise that I have gained over the years.