Mobile Marketing
iPad, iPad, iPad...
That's all we seem to hear at the moment - and other manufacturers are also getting involved. But the gadget is not the market!
For many years I have been telling people that the future of marketing was mobile. The Internet has gone mobile, with smartphones (or if you want the Apple branding - iPhone) and now gadgets like the iPad mean that people access the web on the go. Vehicles are being fitted with WiFi equipment, MP3 players and Sat Nav software.
The example I gave was of a WiFi enabled vehicle that displayed the message that in 1 mile the driver can stop for a McDonalds. A few hundred yards away from the restaurant, the driver receives a voucher to their computer and on via bluetooth on their mobile phone for an offer related to a meal.
So what does that mean in terms of Marketing?
Marketing is returning to its local roots. Before the days of mass media, local posters, local offers, etc were all the rage. Marketers could not reach customers further afield! We now have the ability to reach out internationally as well as using local services such as Bluetooth, WiFi and WiMax. Gadgets such as smartphones and tablet computers will lead the way and marketers will follow - often too slowly.
Many years ago I undertook a trial using MMS-enabled phones and bar-code vouchers. Back then (2001) it was a failure because the infrastructure was not in place, and the technology did not provide the quality needed. Now such technology allows airlines to send boarding cards to smartphones saving paper and negating the need for a device with a printer attached.
In this blog, I am not telling marketers how to work in this new world (I am learning myself, and it is my USP), but I am trying to get marketers to understand that they will need to adapt to this changing marketplace. We need to remain relevant, and it is not about the technology, so start thinking...